Gerhard, Johann: Schola Pietatis: Volume 1

In the first volume of this five volume work, Gerhard explores the meaning of godliness: “The first part consist of these words: Train yourself in godliness. In order that we properly understand this apostolic principle, we need to take note of two things: First, what is meant by godliness. Secondly, what it entails for one to train himself in godliness.” Johann Gerhard (1582–1637) wrote his Schola Pietatis as a corrective to Johann Arndt’s True Christianity—it was intended to serve the faithful as a model of faith expressed in life, and to avoid the Pietistic pitfalls of Arndt’s work. The Schola Pietatis also represents the pinnacle of Gerhard’s devotional works: the author of the Sacred Meditations and Daily Exercise of Piety now examines the whole of the Christian life.


Schola Pietatis: Volume 1

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Schola Pietatis (1623) Volume I


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